Vera The Alien Hunter – Three Series


Vera The Alien Hunter – Three Series

  1. Description

– Age: 8+
– Word count: 200, 400, 600
– Components: Comic with audio CD
– Number of pages: 28-32,
– Dimensions 188 mm x 252 mm

  • Colorful illustrations to help you understand the content
  • Everyday learning English
  • Consolidation of grammatical structures at the basic level
  • A variety of exercises to help you learn vocabulary, listening and grammar
  • CD for practicing speaking and listening comprehension
  • The mobile application allows you to introduce and consolidate new vocabulary in an attractive way

First series

  1. Vera’s Tall Tales
  2. Meet Luca
  3. A Real Alien
  4. Luca’s Mission
  5. Getting Ready for the Worst
  6. All is Safe

Second series

  1. Back To School
  2. Dancing with Danger
  3. Sour Milk
  4. A Price for Vera
  5. The Mind Cube
  6. Earth’s True Alien Hunter

Third series

  1. Luca’s Leaving…
  2. A Visitor for Luca
  3. Vera the Hunted
  4. Vera in Space
  5. A Small Delay
  6. Earth or Bust

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