Vera the alien hunter

First series

8-year-old Vera Jones is a girl with great imagination. One day she sees a strange blue light shining outside and believes it must be a UFO.

She searches for a UFO, but instead finds a little blue cat-Luca, who looks like a cat, but turns out to be an officer of the Galactic Space Police.

This is how the fascinating adventures of Vera and her space cat begin.

The first series consists of 6 comics of 200 words and is dedicated to the youngest children from 8 years of age.

Sample pages


Are these comics more for girls?

Vera the Alien Hunter comics are compelling stories to read for both boys and girls.

Will my child understand what he is reading?

Yes, unlike regular English-language books, leveled comics have a simplified language adapted to the reader's English knowledge. The comics are specially written for learners of English as a Foreign Language and are intended to make reading fun. Pictures help children understand the meaning of the text.

My child is not yet 8 years old, can he read these comics?

The given age of 8 years is indicative. Stories told in comics appeal to even 5-year-olds, but younger children will need a parent's help.

Children who cannot read yet can listen to the story being told via an app or CD. Thanks to this, children learn English in a natural context.

Where can I see sample pages for all six comics in this series?

Below in the store in the "individual comics" tab.

What words and phrases does this comic series have?

Each comic has a list of keywords and useful phrases at the end of the book.

What grammar topics are there in this comic series?

A list of grammar topics can be found at the end of each comic.

Where can I find additional materials for comics?

More materials can be found on the publisher's website- efuture





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