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Magic Adventures – three series


Magic Adventures – three series


– Age: 7+
– Word count: 200, 400, 600
– Components: Comic with audio CD
– Number of pages: 20-28
– Dimensions 167 mm x 225 mm

  • Colorful illustrations to help you understand the content
  • Everyday learning English
  • Consolidation of grammatical structures at the basic level
  • A variety of exercises to help you learn vocabulary, listening and grammar
  • CD for practicing speaking and listening comprehension


  1. A New Girl in School
  2. Olivia and the Bad Boys
  3. Jack’s Date
  4. Bad Frogs
  5. Bella’s Big Day
  6. A Trip to the Lake


  1. Olivia is Gone!
  2. Where is Bella?
  3. Jack and the Red Lion
  4. The Jail of Magic
  5. The Story of Dark
  6. The Crystal of Power


  1. Dark of the Earth
  2. Dark in the City of Lights
  3. The Dark Woods
  4. Dark’s Africa
  5. Dark Ice
  6. Olivia’s Big Fight
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