School Adventures – 18 pack

Level I – (800 words)

Arriving at Camp

Unhappy Camper

Bella’s Big Fear

Jack the Paddle Ace

Bella the Sore Loser

Summer’s End


Level II – (1000 words)

Jack Pan

Bella in Wonderland

Jack’s 80 Days

Bella and the Wonderful Wizard

Jack’s Time Machine

Jack and Robin Hood


Level III – (1200 words)

Moth Madness


Tummy Trouble

A Small Problem

A Wild Water Ride

The Tiny Ocean

Quantity  153.00


– Age: 10+
– Words: 800, 1000, 1200
– Components: Story Book with Audio CD
– Number of pages: 35, 39, 39
– Dimensions 188 mm x 252 mm


  • Colorful illustrations that aid comprehension
  • A variety of activities to reinforce speaking
  • Graded grammar focus required for elementary level learners
  • Vocabulary building, listening, and grammar activities
  • Audio CD for students to practice listening and speaking
  • Mobile application to support key vocabulary acquisition