Frequently Asked Questions

All about e-future graded comic readers

What are e-future graded comic readers?
e-future graded comic readers are fun-to-read series of comic readers offering engaging stories that help with developing English language skills. Students will find themselves learning new vocabulary, experiencing important grammar structures and sharpening their reading skills. The stories have been specifically written for EFL/ESL learners with the goal of making reading fun.
There are three comic readers series: Vera the Alien Hunter, Magic Adventures, School Adventures. Components: Story Book Level 1~3 (6 books per level).

For what ages are comic readers appropriate?
We offer three different comic series to suit children and teenagers, with an age range of 6-15+. They are written at different graded English levels from beginners to low intermediate and are recommended for all children (and adults) who want to develop English skills.

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How can we compare comic series: Vera the Alien Hunter, Magic Adventures and School Adventures?
Each series tells a different story. Comic readers are leveled by the number of words from 200 to 1200 words.

See Leveling and correlation

Are comic readers for boys or girls?
Comic readers are great fun to read stories for both boys and girls. 

My child does not read well in English yet?
e-future English readers are great for teaching children reading. Each book has a CD to listen the story and useful phrases. Vocabulary can be learn before reading using a mobile application. Children learn every day English in a natural context.

What are the levels of comic series?

Can I start reading comic from Level 2 or 3 without reading six volumes from level 1?
Yes, each series consist of three stories.

Level 1-one story (6 books)
Level 2-one story (6 books)
Level 3-one story (6 books)

Where can I find answers to activities in comic readers?
Vera the Alien Hunter:

School Adventures: 

Are there any teacher materials or downloadable resources?
Vera the Alien Hunter:

School Adventures: